Silence speaks more…

Hey buddy, why don’t you talk much? what is it that you keep hiding in yourself and never allow it to share with others? well, these are some of the things ever said by an extrovert. This makes me feel as to why is it that important for every individual on this planet to engage themselves in everything?

Perhaps, this is something supposedly a person like me would think. I know that it is very important to communicate, it is only when other people can hear you. This cannot happen simply by keeping it inside.

It’s like you are drowning in the ocean but you don’t yell for getting some help to save you. But sometimes, this drowning has a reason too. Whether it’s about the drowning of thoughts in your mind leaving your spirit to speak up at last.

however, the ones who are not able to express, give it a shot through writing... Yes, writers like me tend to be more comfortable in words than just actions. Who knows, your words can speak volumes than your actions will.

For instance, I've noticed that the people who are likely to be overthinkers do easily get trapped in the scenario of depression. During this time, what is something that any person would do to cure it? Yes, you are right! it’s while sharing the matter with others.

This sounds like taking a burden of sympathy on you without even wanting to have it. But dear readers, don’t you think your silence is way more a better way to heal yourself?

By sharing, you can definitely pull off the burden but that doesn’t mean that it will stop. Our mind is stronger than any part of our body. Even in silence, it speaks a lot!

Sharing your thoughts with others will only lead to spreading your matter and making you even think about it more.

Your silence is what gives you more strength to endure it and to heal it sooner or later. But, this won’t let you think over the same matter again. Instead of talking with others (which you might don’t even like doing so), you can simply talk to yourself. It’s only you who knows yourself better than others.

Talking to yourself is a powerful emotion existing in silence. By talking to yourself, you let out your emotions and release your nervousness of not dealing with others too.

Yes, silence speaks more! It consoles you, builds you, and never leaves you behind wandering alone!

You belong to you, you are your own warrior!!